Sponsored Trips

Trips and invitations from hotels, travel agents and tourism councils are welcome and will be discussed through contact or meeting.

For custom trip sponsorship, including flight tickets, accommodation and airport transfer. The number of people in this trip is determined by the trip itself that you will decide by Amna. On this trip, the city, the services offered, certain tourist places or a particular product used during the trip are usually promoted and these coverings may be published on:

  • Daily posts on Amna’s social media
  • Safrago blog posts.


You could advertise your product or service with Amna AlSamarai through the social media networks based on your preference or on Safrago blog.

To inquire about the rates to advertise, please contact us with your product/service information, your interest to advertise in which channel of social media or in the blog.

1- Advertise via Instagram account @amna.alsamarai
2- Advertise via Facebook page @amnaalsamarai3
3- Advertise via my Safrago Instagram account @safrago.officail
4- Advertise via Pinterest account @amnaalsamarai
5- Advertise through creating a website blog post explaining your product/service

Wanna work together? Send me the details