How to travel safety during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Now, after a period of closure that lasted for several months in most countries of the world due to the spread of Corona disease and the increase in cases of infection, some countries returned after having controlled or nearly eliminated the disease on their lands to open borders for tourists.

But will travel be safe under the current circumstances?

We do not deny the importance of preventive measures such as wearing masks, caring for hygiene, as well as eating healthy food, fruits, vegetables and minerals useful for strengthening immunity.

But there are some points that I would like to share with you for safe travel under Corona out-breaking?

1- Rent a car

One of the most important preventive advice to reduce corona infection is to avoid gatherings and crowded places including public transportation, so renting a private car will reduce your mixing with people and thus reduce the possibility of infection

When choosing a car, it is preferable to sterilize parts that are subjected to permanent touch, such as door handles, car steering wheel, and control buttons, or you can choose a car that has not been used for a while.

Some car rental companies sterilize and fumigate cars after their custom. You can search and choose these companies for your safety and that of your family.


2- The hotel

Instructions were directed to hotels in most countries to reduce the rate of reception of visitors and reservations, so you can request a vacant room in the hotel for several days because the virus does not live on the roofs of long time.

Some hotels sterilize and fumigate rooms after guests leave. You can choose these hotels for your safety.


3- Social distance

When going to public places, parks, beaches, even restaurants, cafes, and camping places, stick to social distances.


4- Theme park

Stay away from crowded areas because they are more vulnerable to the presence of the virus, such as a theme park that is exposed in the games to continuous touch and is not sterilized after each use

Let this summer vacation be away from the theme park for your safety.


5- Credit card

Avoid paying in cash because this increases the possibility of the virus being transmitted from one person to another and replace it with a credit card payment.


6- Preventive measures

Hygiene  and a number of medical face masks are the most important things that should be available in your bag, and always wash your hands frequently and sterilize them.


Also follow the safety instructions in the country that you traveling to

And remember that eliminating this epidemic is a collective responsibility that can only be accomplished if we work together and abide by the instructions of our countries

I wish you a beautiful and safe journey and a happy summer vacation




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