Welcome to Safrago World!

Safrago is a travel blog and tourism consultancy started in 2019 by a travel blogger Amna AlSamarai. Amna shares her travel experiences. Now her accounts on social media(Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat) have grown and expanded to be one of the preferred travel references for all who want to visit Turkey. Amna’s post and Safrago blogs are about destinations, cultures, activities, hotels, cuisines and other related topics such as travel accessories and cameras and gadgets.

Safrago Tour Guides!

Safrago also help you to plan your next trip program to Turkey and provide you with all the information you may need to start explore new places without any outsource help. The idea is to download your tour guide as a pdf on your mobile so you can access it anywhere and anytime you need
In this guide you will find the places name, entrance fees, public transportation to get there, google map links, recommended hotels and more.

I’m mainly active and reachable on my instagram account @amna.alsamarai or you can Contact us