10 Tips for Solo Traveler girls

Many people are afraid of traveling a girl alone, but there are many tips for Solo Traveler (Solo travel means you’re going somewhere else alone, where you will spend a significant chunk of time alone once you get there):

1- Choose flights that arrive during the day and exclude flights tonight. If flights are only available tonight, it is best to wait at the airport until the morning. I do not recommend taking the taxi alone at night.

2- If this is your first experience, choose a country known to be common with Common Sence such as Turkey, Lebanon, Malaysia, and Dubai ….etc

3- Choosing a hotel or hostel is very important, choose it to be located in the city center, near the public transport station such as the metro or tram, and it is not better to choose a hotel in the narrow streets. Reading reviews and customer comments on the hotel before booking is very important

4- Shopping in some countries is cheaper and more quality (like Turkey), so it is better to travel with some pieces and leave most of the weight available for shopping so that you do not have to pay extra weight fines.

5- No for jewelry: gold, silver, and precious jewelry are left at home because you will be a foreigner there and may expose you to theft. Accessories are an excellent and beautiful choice.

6- Select the goal of the trip for you: Do you want to have some calm and relaxation … So choose places that are distinguished by nature, whether they are sea or mountains

But if you like exploring new cities and walking, choose cities that suit your passion and personality.

7- Choose comfortable and appropriate clothes for the chosen destination, preferably your bag is a backpack, a crossover, or on the waist.

8- Be careful with your passport, you can leave it in the room safe and carry a soft or hard copy of your passport .. It is also preferable to use a credit card to pay instead of carrying cash, this reduces the possibility of you being stolen. But if you do not have a credit card, it is best to distribute the funds to the departments and not to carry all of them in one place, such as keeping part of it in the hotel and the other with you

9- It is better to have someone who knows all your movements, and you can do this easily through “Find my iPhone” application or through the other application that I am currently using called “Life 360”

10- The last advice, life is short and beautiful. Don’t wait to marry to travel and start your journey from now.

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